At Star Group Of Industries, quality is a religion. Besides the everyday job of maintaining the sanctity of every process, there is also an ongoing commitment to best-in-class equipment. Our Quality Assurance and R&D lab is furnished and regularly upgraded with systems and devices from world-renowned names:

  • Infra-red Beaker Dyeing Machines
  • Spectrophotometer
  • UV Liquid Spectrophotometer
  • Digital Single Pan Balance
  • Other equipment like Digital pH Meter, Horizontal Padding Mangle with Pneumatic Pressure Devices, Motorized Crock Tester, Printing Machine, Perspirometer and devices to test solubility / insolubles.

Personnel at our Quality Assurance division act like fierce watchdogs, merciless in rejecting batches that do not measure up. They also test some of these against the demanding parameters of world-class labels and brands. R&D initiatives at the lab include new product development, new applications and customizing our products to suit processes at the client’s end.